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Kidde - Aqua-Blue System

Kidde, the manufacturer of the Aqua-Blue system, has informed all of its dealers that as of December 31, 2007, they will no longer support or have replacement parts or chemical agent available for this brand. This means that you system is no longer supported, and must be replaced by a listed system when the next 12-year hydrostatic test (pressure testing of the cylinder) is due, or the system is discharged.

There is an alternative Kidde system, the APC, which can re-use all of the controls, actuation, and detection devices currently installed, but may require some piping changes. The new system would also require new nozzles and cylinders, to be a fully listed system.

We strongly suggest an immediate replacement of the required system parts, to meet all B.C. Fire Code requirements now and for the future.

Please contact ACME FIRE so that we can make arrangements to provide you with a cost proposal to upgrade to a fully listed system. Upon your acceptance of the proposal, we will make arrangements to proceed with the required work.

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