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How do I know what type of extinguishers I need, how many etc?

BC FIRE Code has specifications regarding the proper size and rated extinguisher for your commercial building. Specific applications, to include: the type of extinguisher required the number of extinguishers required, where they must be installed, as well as Annual maintenance and inspections requirements.

ACME FIRE has a wide range of fire extinguishers for your commercial requirements. All of our technicians are specialized in determining your needs.

PLEASE NOTE: Extinguishers must also be inspected monthly (NFPA10-1994 Section 6.2.1) usually by your building representative.

The most common fire extinguishers used for buildings are ABC multipurpose, CO2, Pressurized Water, although we have a full range for your determined needs. Kitchens, in addition to a 6LB BC will require a K class fire extinguisher, supplementing the Kitchen Fire Suppression System. (link to kitchen systems)

What kind of extinguisher to use?

There are different types of fire extinguishers for different types of fires.

Types of Fires

Types of Extinguishers

Class A
Ordinary Combustibles:
wood, paper, rubber, fabrics and many plastics

Class A 
Class B
 Flammable Liquids & Gases:
gasoline, oils, paint, lacquer and tar

Class A:B

Class C
 Fires Involving Live Electrical Equipment

Class A:B:C 
Class K
Fires in Cooking Appliances that Involve Combustible Cooking Media:
vegetable or animal oils and fats
Class B:C

ABC Multi-purpose Stored Pressure Dry Chemical Extinguishers – Class A fires by melting at approximately 350°F and coats surface to which it is applied. It smothers and breaks the chain reaction of Class B fires and will not conduct electricity back to the operator.

Carbon Dioxide Stored Pressure Extinguishers – Carbon Dioxide is discharged as a white cloud of “snow” which smothers a fire by eliminating oxygen. It is effective for Class B flammable liquids and is electrically non-conductive. Carbon Dioxide is a clean, non-contaminating, odorless gas.for computer rooms, expensive electronics equipment.

Water Mist Stored Pressure "C" Rated Water Extinguishers- the best extinguishers for protection of hospital environments, valuable books and documents, telecommunication facilities and “clean room” manufacturing facilities.

Wet-Chem Stored Pressure Class "K" Kitchen ExtinguishersWET CHEMICAL extinguishers are the best restaurant kitchen appliance hand portable fire extinguishers you can purchase. The recent trend to more efficient cooking appliances and use of unsaturated cooking oils dictates the use of a hand portable fire extinguisher with greater fire fighting capacity and cooling effect to combat these very hot and difficult fires. They supplement existing cooking equipment automatic system protection for an extra margin of safety.

NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 10-2002, states you must have a K CLASS rated Portable Fire in addition to your Kitchen Fire Supression system The 6 Liter, K CLASS Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher must be within a 30 foot travel distance from the farthest appliance, be mounted in a clearly visible and accessible location, and a placard identifying the use of the extinguisher shall be conspicuously placed near each portable fire extinguisher in the cooking area.

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