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Specifications for use of extinguishers

At this time, there is no Mandate by BC FIRE CODE that requires you to have a Fire Extinguisher(s) in your home, or vehicle, however it is a good recommendation. Your home insurance company may offer a discount if you do have one. It is recommended that hang your extinguisher at around 4 feet on a wall nearby your exit. You need to get out first. Minimum Type suggested - 5# ABC (see chart).

It is recommended that you perform monthly and annual checks of your extinguisher(s) as follows:

  1. Monthly
    • Check that the arrow in the gauge is pointing on the green which means it’s charged
    • Check that that there is nothing blocking the nozzle
    • Check that there is no changes (bulges, rust) to cylinder
    • Check that it has not been dropped and / or damaged
  2. Annually - It is recommended that you perform annual checks of your extinguisher(s) as follows: (when you test your smoke detectors)
    • Perform you normal monthly inspection
    • Remove extinguisher from the wall bracket
    • Turn the extinguisher upside down and use a rubber mallet and tap the bottom of the extinguisher, this will prevent the powder from settling
    • Return the extinguisher to the bracket

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