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Do I need one?

Any new or existing building with a Fire Alarm requires a FSP, however this remains subject to the Chief Fire Official in your local municipality; your local Fire Department. Even if you have never had one before, they may request one be prepared at any time. Contact your Local Fire Department (link to FD LIST) to inquire.

This is accomplished by our ACME FIRE representative working closely with the supervisory staff to gather and / or provide the following information to prepare; (not limited to)

After the plan has been prepared, a copy must be submitted to the Chief Fire Official or Authority Having Jurisdiction for approval. This copy is maintained for their records. This information is a vital tool for fire fighters to know everything about the building, access points and such, and it also allows them to know critical information about the building that they may have to go into.

Once approved, the owner is responsible for implementing the fire safety plan and training all staff in their duties. It is also the owner’s responsibility to ensure that all visitors and staff are informed of what to do in case of fire. During a fire emergency, a copy of the approved fire safety plan must be available for the responding fire departments use, usually kept in a FIRE DEPARTMENT OPERATIONS BOX, required in some municipalities,

The drawings are placed in framework (custom available) and are posted on walls in common areas, keeping occupants and guests informed of locations of fire safety equipment and EXITS, and `INSTRUCTIONS TO OCCUPANTS ‘IN THE CASE OF AN EMERGENCY’.

FSP must be updated on any changes to the building, named contractors, supervisory staff, and reviewed by the owner’s representative annually.  After 5 years the FSP will be reviewed by the Fire Department.

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