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It's 1 a.m. and your apartment building is quiet, people are sleeping when the fire alarm goes. Panic sets in and questions race through your mind. Will the fire department come? Will I lose everything? Will they be here in time to escape, prevent injury, prevent major losses?

Having your Fire Alarm monitored gives you confidence and peace of mind knowing:

Fire alarm systems are great at doing what they are meant to do, which is to alert occupants that a fire has been detected and to evacuate the building.

Monitoring takes it one step further.

When the fire monitoring panel detects that your fire alarm panel (this happens electronically) has activated a device (ex. smoke detector), it immediately sends a signal to a Signals Receiving Centre (SRC). An operator places a call to the appropriate Fire Department, or in the case of OPEN ACCESS™ the signal will be electronically re-transmitted to the fire department the very instant it arrives at the SRC.

We take this responsibility very seriously, and to ensure we are meeting the highest standards ACME FIRE in full compliance with Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC). ULC is an independent, not-for-profit product safety testing and certification organization. They provide thorough and unbiased product evaluation. The ULC is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada, under the National Standards System.

A ULC certificate is a document issued by the ULC in care of your monitoring service provider that is to be displayed at the fire alarm monitoring panel. It states that the installation, equipment, and method of communication adhere to applicable ULC standards. A ULC certificate is the only proof that your building is being monitored in accordance with applicable ULC standards.

If there is a fire alarm panel installed in the building, a fire monitoring panel and communication link to the Signals Receiving Centre (SRC) will need to be installed. Our customer service representatives will be pleased to provide you with recommendations and a quote on how to best configure a monitoring system tailored to your specific needs.

FALSE ALARM PROCEDURES: Contact the monitoring company directly to inform them of the false alarm. The operator will then contact the fire department to advise them. In some cases the fire department will still send one truck to investigate and there may be a fee which (if applicable) is determined by the municipality. There may also be an allowance of one or two false alarms before any fines. Check with your municipality.

TESTING YOUR FIRE ALARM: If you are testing the fire alarm you should ALWAYS notify the monitoring company. The operator will then mark the account as being “on test” in the automation system, ensuring that the fire department is not dispatched when an alarm is triggered. Likewise, you should always call your fire monitoring provider once you have finished the fire alarm system testing to have the account marked as being “back in service”. Failure to notify the fire monitoring provider when you have finished testing may result in a valid fire alarm signal not being delivered to the fire department.

We may be able to continue monitoring an active account that you may already have. Ours Sales representative will be pleased to discuss your options

Part of your contract for fire alarm monitoring includes keeping you informed when a part of your internal system is not functioning within the standards set by BC Fire Code. We will also keep you aware of any advances in technology that could be added into your existing system makes sure your system stays up to date with new developments further enhancing your system.

For more information please contact our office by email (), or phone @ 604.437.8555. Click here to use our Contact Form.

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