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Wet or Dry system?

Wet Pipe Fire Sprinkler System

Wet pipe systems are the most common fire sprinkler system.

A wet pipe system’s pipes are filled with water constantly maintained within the sprinkler piping. When a sprinkler activates this water is immediately discharged onto the fire.


Dry Pipe Fire Sprinkler System

Typical dry pipe installations include unheated warehouses and attics, outside exposed loading docks and within commercial freezers.

A dry pipe sprinkler system’s pipes are filled with pressurized air or nitrogen, instead of water. The air holds a remote valve, known as a dry pipe valve, in closed position. Located in a heated space, the dry-pipe valve prevents water from entering the pipe until a fire causes one or more sprinklers to operate. When this happens, the air escapes and the valve releases, water then enters the pipe, flowing through open sprinklers, and onto the fire.


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