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Gas Valve (Mech/Sol)

Combustion Valves

ASCO and ASCO-General Controls offer a wide range of solenoid and motor operated combustion valves from stock as well as specialized products for every need. Normally Open or Normally Closed operation. Leading agency approvals such as UL, FM, AGA, CGA and CSA.

Direct Acting Gas Shutoff Valves

These direct acting valves provide positive shutoff on main gas lines of domestic and commercial burners. In event of power interruption, they close automatically.

Pilot Operated Gas Shutoff Valves

These internal pilot operated diaphragm valves are used where high flow and low pressure drop are required on main gas lines of commercial and industrial burners. In event of a power interruption, they close automatically.

Direct Acting Fuel Oil Valves

These 2 and 3 way valves provide positive shutoff of fuel oil in industrial and commercial oil burner systems. They are suitable for main line and pilot line applications. In event of power interruption, these valves close automatically.

ASCO-General Controls Hydramotor® Actuator

The Hydramotor Series of Linear and Rotary Actuators feature a completely self-contained, hydraulic power system that has been integrally coupled to a hydraulic cylinder. The positive, firm positioning actuators are ideal for providing efficient and precise control of valves, dampers, louvers, and a wide variety of other equipments requiring operating thrust or torque of up to 4,000 lbs. (1,800 kg.)

Pilot Gas Shutoff Valves

These valves control gas flow to the pilots of domestic, commercial and industrial burners. In event of power interruption, they close automatically.

Normally Open Gas Vent Valves

These vent valves are used in commercial and industrial gas burner systems, mounted in the main or pilot gas lines between the blocking (gas shutoff) valves. The line must be vented to outside atmosphere. In event of a power interruption, these valves open automatically.

Manual Reset Valves

Once tripped by power interruption, these gas shutoff valves must be manually reset prior to recycling the system.

Hot Water and Steam Valves

ASCO offers a wide range of rugged, direct acting or pilot operated valves for heavy duty hot water and steam control applications. Available for normally open or normally closed operations. Stainless steel or brass bodies.

Fire Suppression Systems Components

These mechanically actuated shutoff valves are available in “pull to close” (PTC) or “release to close” (RTC) configurations. They are typically used as a final control element in an automatic fire suppression system or as a manual emergency shutoff to limit loss in event of fire.

Optional Features

  • Visual Indication

ASCO’s optional visual indicator meets FM and NFPA requirements for quick determination of a valve’s open or closed position.

  • Proof of Valve Closure

ASCO valves with optionals proof of valve closure features overtravel seal and meets UL, FM, NFPA, AGA and CGA requirements for electrical interlock of valve position.