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Multi Family Residential Buildings

All your fire safety needs in one place for property management

Acme Fire can provide strata and property managers with all your multi-unit life safety needs. We install, supply, service and maintain all life safety equipment for your buildings.

We offer:

  • Annual and semiannual service reminders
  • Coordinating with your other maintenance providers to minimize disruption to your tenants
  • In-suite inspections of smoke alarms and detectors
  • Written quotes for any deficiencies
  • Electronic copies of reports, invoices, quotes, and statements
  • Multi-property discounts and consolidated billing services

Our technicians provide and support all life safety equipment including:

  • Fire alarms systems
  • Emergency lights
  • Extinguishers
  • Suppression systems
  • Sprinklers and backflows
  • Monitoring systems including ULC

We are recommended by various fire departments in the lower mainland to construct Fire Safety Plans for all types of residential enterprises. Our fire safety planners keep up to date with all the code changes and local requirements.

All of our technicians are ASTTBC Certified and perform inspections in accordance with the BC Fire code, NFPA, manufacturers and insurance requirements.

We are environmentally responsible. We recycle almost 90% of all parts of decommissioned extinguishers. We dispose of hazardous materials such as dry chemical extinguisher powder to facilities that perform this service (Sumas Environmental services). Batteries, cardboard, paper, steel, aluminum, brass, plastics are diverted from the landfill to facilities that perform these services.

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