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Fire Extinguishers Training

Fire Extinguisher training is one of the many services we do provide.

We first suggest that you watch a 17 minute video, which is available for rental. This video reviews all the various types of extinguishers, and shows examples of their use by professionals practical environments.

We then suggest a “hands-on” training session.  With permission from the local Municipal Fire Department we use a 3 ft  x 6 ft  water and gasoline filled fire pan.  Each participant will actually experience putting out at least one fire.  These training sessions have proven invaluable for developing confidence for use in a real life situation.

If the fire department will not allow any burns, or if you don’t have a safe site to place the fire pan, the training would have be classroom only.

Upon completion each participant will receive a certificate of participation.

Interested in a training session?

Call us at ACME FIRE (604.437.8555), or email us at acmesales@acmefire.com